Social Studies Sites of Interest!!

Compiled by D. Fulton

Updated 10.15.2011

Excellent- complete!  Grade level appropriate sites and on-line games.  This site also has great resources for any social studies area.

Cooperative Groups and Projects


Geography games from Sheppard-

Has states games- great for learning!



Mr. Nussbaum’s Social Studies Interactive Games

Online geography

Online geography puzzles for students!


National Geographic Scholastic News

Sports Illustrated

Time For Kids

GoGo News

Classroom Newspapers with Interactive Games

Interactive Social Studies Websites


Internet Field Trips for Social Studies

Explore the world from your PC

Google Earth





  Practical Uses for Technology in the Classroom

Updated - 2011


Social Studies Websites

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids  This web site teaches government and US History. The host of the website is Benjamin Franklin. The lessons are organized by grade level.

Educational Videos and Games for Kids about Science, Math, Social...

NeoK12 has a library of free educational videos. There is much more than social studies, but the social studies section is pretty impressive. There are videos on agriculture, government, the military and much more.

Social Studies for Kids

Social Studies for Kids is a site that feature many activities for learning history, cultures and current events. This site also had timelines, maps and government lessons.

Smartboard Lessons Under the Social Studies tab, this website offers grade specific, upper level games for social studies. The games cover topics of geography, U.S. history, and U.S. government.

The Fifty States  This website had all of the states listed and linked to a page that gave all of the necessary information you would need to write a report. It also had links to other information about the various fifty states, like maps, capitals, flags, songs and study tools.


A Book in Time This is an incredibly useful site

for ancient history. All different kinds of topics are included with various links to other pages

Brain Pop Social Studies A great website that introduces many topics in social studies for elementary students. Topics from government to historical figures are covered on this site.


Geography Links

National Geographic for Kids

Xpeditions (National Geographic)
Another site from Xpeditions (National Geographic) for all grade levels.

National Geographic Site for Teachers    Has many categories including Teacher Resources, Activities and Projects, and Multimedia


Discovery School Lesson Plans          
Discovery Schools Website on Lesson Plans for geography.

Pro Teacher From ProTeacher, another resource for geography sites.

Teacher Net   From – their list of sites for Geography and general Social Studies.  Includes Lesson Plans.

Education World
“A Boring Lesson in Geography”

Geography site from BBC for ages 4-11. This site also includes citizenship and government.

Free maps for students  Free printables as well as interactive maps.  Very useful collection.




What are Webquests?

Webquest- Search for subjects

Go to the search side and type in one-two words- for example try Egypt or Native Americans

Check out Kathy Schrock’s webquest page.

List of webquests for K-3

Lists of webquests for 4-6


Virtual Field Trips


This site describes what they are and then provide several great links to samples on every subject!


Differentiated Instruction


Look at this site for a comprehensive list of Differentiated Instruction


Compiled by:  Dianne Fulton, M.Ed.